Take your growing operation to its full potential

We believe in providing the highest quality organic solution for your plants and soil. A solution that lives in harmony with the elements of nature.

With Mr. Fulvic you can increase nutrient absorption and lower your nutrient feed costs while increasing plant yields and maintaining potency.

Get your grow on!

Mr. Fulvic - 8 oz

8 fluid ounces (237 mL)

Mr. Fulvic - Liter

33.8 fluid ounces (1 liter)

Mr. Fulvic - Gallon

One Gallon (3.785 liters)


Benefits of Mr. Fulvic

  • OMRI Certified

    OMRI oversight gives you the assurance Mr. Fulvic consists of only the finest organic materials.

  • Increased Yields

    Mr. Fulvic users have reported impressive increased yields between 10% to 20%.

  • Simple To Use

    Can be applied to rooted seedlings and clones to increase root growth prior to transplant.

  • Naturally Safe

    Mr. Fulvic is compatible and safe to use with all nutrient product lines.

  • Historic resource

    Mined from our unique deposit of humic shale, which is more than thirty (30) million years old.

  • Any Growing System

    Mr. Fulvic works with any application, whether you're using hydroponic, aquaponic or soil methods.

  • Heavy Lifter

    The acid molecules in Mr.Fulvic carry 60 times their weight in nutrients and oxygen.

  • Healthier Plants

    Better absorption of nutrients leads to more vigorous growth and overall health of the plant.

  • Metabolites Master

    Facilitates development of secondary metabolites within the plant, increasing aroma, flavor, and overall terpene levels.