Mr. Fulvic/Mr. Humic increases nutrient absorption rates thereby reducing nutrient costs while boosting crop yields and maintaining plant potency. Try our Yield Calculator below and see how much your crop yield and revenue could increase with Mr. Fulvic/Mr. Humic.

Mr.Fulvic/Mr.Humic Product
Mr.Fulvic 8oz mL
H2O consumed per plant lifecycle gal
Current product yield per plant oz
Mr.Fulvic/Mr.Humic per gallon of H2O mL
Yield increase (%) %
Wholesale Market Price per oz   $
Retail Market Price per oz   $
Number of plants with   ( mL) Mr.Fulvic/Mr.Humic  
*Yield and revenue for 10 plants, calculated with data above
Each plant consumes on average ? gallons of H2O and ?mL of Mr.Fulvic/Mr.Humic per gallon. If your current production yield is ? oz per plant and you net a ?% increase by using Mr.Fulvic/Mr.Humic, you would realize an increase of ? oz. Based on your $? wholesale and $? retail input prices, you would gain additional $? and $? respectively in revenue.