What is the difference between Mr. Fulvic vs. Mr. Humic?

Same product, different state labeling laws.  For compliance reasons, we sell our product under the Mr. Humic label in California and Oregon.

"Presently, the Department does not allow guarantees for Fulvic acids or Organic acids on labeling of fertilizing materials."  Page 15, Form: OIM-0047, Rev: 10.04.17, Approved: MB 01.11.18 

For further information visit: www.cdfa.ca.gov/is/ffldrs/pdfs/OIM-0047_LabelingGuide.pdf

What is it?

Mr. Fulvic is a pure water extracted fulvic acid soil amendment and hydroponic nutrient activator with a guaranteed four point five percent (4.50%) concentration of fulvic acid. 

How does it work?

Mr. Fulvic acts in multiple ways, but its main role is as a chelator binding to minerals, vitamins and enzymes converting them into bio-available nutrients.  Plant cells take in forty (40) to sixty (60) molecules of these necessary nutrients to every molecule of fulvic acid.  This not only accelerates plant growth, nutrient use efficiency and plant health while increasing yields, but also facilitates development of secondary metabolites within the plant, increasing aroma, flavor, and overall terpene levels.  Fulvic acid is far more efficient than humic acid because humic acid is more active at higher pH ranges, while fulvic acid is fully active at all pH levels.

Organic acids included in our proprietary extraction are water-soluble and help to provide additional growth-promoting action; mitigate against toxin-induced injury, provide natural, increased fungal disease resistance; act as sources of additional fixed carbon; stimulate chloroplast development, and increase chlorophyll, carotenoid, soluble and insoluble carbohydrates and gibberellin (a plant hormone that promotes stem elongation, germination, and flowering).  Organic acids contained in Mr. Fulvic also increase soil respiration and microbial biomass, and dramatically increases rates of transpiration and stomatal conductance in plants leaves.

What makes our proprietary extraction different?

Most fulvic acid products on the market are derived from one of two methods: 1), fermentation from peat and subsequent extraction, a process that results in an end product with moderate fulvic acid concentrations but void of any additional organic acids, including amino acids; or, 2), extractions of Leonardite (brown coal) using sodium or potassium hydroxide, resulting in salt forms of fulvic acid, known as fulvates.  These alkaline (hydroxide) extractions do not contain the rich quantities of organic acids, especially fulvic acids that are contained in Mr. Fulvic.

Mr. Fulvic is mined from our unique deposit of humus and humate, which is more than thirty (30) million years old.  We do not use hydroxides or a fermentation process; rather, we extract all of the components in Mr. Fulvic with purified water.  This results in a product that is rich in trace minerals and elements, beneficial organic acids and remarkably high levels of fulvic acid.   

Mr. Fulvic is licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and is OMRI listed.  

How do I use it?

Mr. Fulvic is easy to use and can be applied to rooted seedlings and clones to increase root growth prior to transplant, via nutrient feed water, throughout the grow cycle and as a foliar spray.  Mr. Fulvic requires no flushing, can be applied to the plant until harvest and does not require rinsing or special precautions when used as a foliar feed.  Mr. Fulvic also does not require a surfactant when used as a foliar feed and can be used in place of surfactants with other foliar applications. Simply follow these dilution rates: 

dosage-8ounces.jpg dosage-1liter.jpg dosage-1gallon.jpg

Where can I purchase Mr. Fulvic/Mr. Humic?

You can obtain Mr. Fulvic and Mr. Humic here on our website.  If you are interested in larger amounts, Contact Us for quantity pricing.